Many people live life alone, trapped in the prison of their own intellect, morality, and self-will. Despite being hard-wired for intimate relationships, our fear and shame keep us detached from our own hearts and therefore detached from the ones we love. We learn to cope with life by utilizing any form of escape. This is not living fully-- this is barely surviving.

Tin Man exists to change this for anyone who wants more. No matter your situation, we are here to guide you one step at a time on the journey home: home to the God who made you, home to the gifts He gave you, home to your family, home to your passion, and home to your calling. 

By investing deeply in the lives of all people through one-on-one mentoring, education, training, and consulting, we hope to help you live and lead with whole-hearted passion and integrity. Tin Man helps you get your heart back.