Tin Man is a coaching, mentoring, and consulting ministry offering guidance to those who want to recover the life they’ve lost and the life God desires for them, by learning to live from the heart.


If I Only Had a Heart: With Jeff Schulte


Despite being hardwired for intimate relationships, our fear and shame keep us detached from our own hearts and therefore detached from the ones we love. If you want your heart back, listen in to this compelling conversation between Tin Man’s Jeff Shulte & Rob Murray

Jeff has become a spiritual father and mentor to me.
— Michelle Shebe Tolentino, Co-founder of MADE IN HOPE
Tin Man Ministries has become a vital partner in our global work.
— Dr. Al Henson, Founder and President, Compassionate Hope Foundation
Great one-on-one, great with a room full of people & incredible with a team doing strategic & organizational planning.
— Dr. John Bryson, Co-founder & Teaching Pastor at Fellowship Church
An emotional defibrillator for my leadership and life.
— Brandon Addison, Church Planter

Get your heart back.