"Jeff Schulte and his work through Tin Man is amazing. I have personally connected Jeff with over 30 of my closest friends and colleagues and his impact has been nothing short of incredible. Jeff is great one-on-one with a leader, great with a room full of men or incredible with a team doing strategic and organizational planning. He is effective as a speaker, as a leadership coach and as an organizational consultant. Men do not leave time with Jeff Schulte the same. They resonate with him on a deep level and his contributions to how teams and organizations function is powerful.  I could not recommend him more.  I'm privileged to call him a friend and coach of mine!"

- Dr. John Bryson, Co-Founder, Elder, Teaching Pastor at Fellowship Memphis & Executive Board Member, Acts29 

"I have known Jeff Schulte as a friend and leader for over 29 years. He is a highly gifted consultant and life coach possessing all the skills needed to help a Christian leader go forward, whether it concerns issues of vision, problem solving, personal matters, staffing, or organizational changes. His rare combination of experience, insight, instinct, and grasp of the issues facing leaders and the organizations they lead, put him at the top of my list. I highly recommend him."

- Dr. Robert Lewis

LifeReady President and Executive Producer, Author of The Men’s FraternityRaising a Modern Day Knight, and The Church of Irresistible Influence

"When we were at a crucial growth stage for Propeller, a marketing consulting company I co-owned, Jeff Schulte joined us for a few months as an advisor.  Not only did he positively impact that company’s immediate future, but he helped us lock in a go-forward plan, instilled confidence in us to execute it and then maintained ongoing mentor/friendship that has enriched all of us who worked with him to this day."

- Dan Merrell

Founder, Missionary Kid Media

"My work with Tin Man was an emotional defibrillator for my leadership and life. I walked into the process thinking I was a high capacity leader with a 'little' work to do. I left with the ache of a fully alive heart and the realization that my leadership journey is far from over. "

- Brandon Addison, Church Planter

"Jeff is the safest friend that I know. In fact, Jeff has walked with me every step from 'church plant conceptualization' to 'boots on the ground implementation.' Along the way, he has shown me what it means to both have and be a safe friend.  He helped me discover the gift of being human again – a man in great need – with an even bigger God that is meeting me in my need. What a payoff! Words can’t describe what it feels like to be reintroduced my heart, as well as, to give it away to my wife, my children, and the church I serve. I am finally breathing again, discovering what it means to be alive."

- Brad Duncan, Founding Pastor/Lead Pastor

" Five years ago, the Lord planted in my heart the desire to serve him in full time ministry to come along side exploited women who are coming out of modern-day slavery of human trafficking and prostitution. I have so many doubts and fears in pursuing what I felt God’s calling in my life that time. It was a big transition coming back to the Philippines after graduating from seminary in Chicago, USA. At a time when my faith is wavering and questioning God’s calling in my life, the Lord brought Pastor Jeff Schulte to the Philippines to minister to some of the national leaders of Compassion Philippines and I was among those that was impacted by his ministry. Since then, he has become a spiritual father and mentor to me in the last years. As I look back, I am grateful for his life and ministry as he continually journey with us and serve us so that we are able to serve and love well the precious women that God brings to the ministry of MADE IN HOPE."

- Michelle Sheba Tolentino, Co-founder, MADE IN HOPE

"On the personal side, Jeff Schulte has become a trusted friend - mentoring me as a husband, a father, and a ministry leader. Organizationally, it is hard to quantify the full benefit of Jeff’s investment in Downline through his work with Tin Man, both what we do and how we do it. We take advantage of anything Tin Man offers."

- Shad Berry, CEO and Executive Director of Downline Ministries

" When I think about Jeff Schulte and his impact on my life and on the lives of countless other men I can’t help but think about David and his band of mighty men. What was it about David that drew men to him in the first place and how were their lives so transformed from a bunch of rag-tag misfits to the great men of faith that they became? Jeff has a solid understanding of his identity in Christ that enables him to be authentic with other men about his personal struggles and feelings living in a broken world. He has a genuine concern for setting men free from anything that prevents men from living the abundant life Jesus promised. His love and care for men is genuine and as Jeff allows men to see his vulnerabilities that makes it easier for men to be open with him. Deep trust, love and courage are the result. I’ve been the leader of a men’s ministry for 30 years and have seen many different approaches to encouraging men in their spiritual journey. I can tell you that biblical information alone does not change lives, Most church men already know what they should and should not do. Spiritual transformation happens when a guy realizes that he is accepted and deeply loved by God despite the mess he is in not based upon any notion that he needs to clean up his act first. The power of Jeff’s message to men lies in the fact that he is vulnerable with men about the grace that he’s received from God first and foremost. His authenticity creates a safe environment for men to begin to open up to God and one another about what is going on in their hearts. This is the start of intimacy and deep relationships. The love that grows from that vulnerability and trust is what changes a man’s heart. Because of Jeff, I have been more open about my own sexual brokeness and shame with other men and found that my connections with other men have deepened as a result."

Steve Gordon, Founder, Alaska Men’s Ministry, Art Professor, University of Alaska 

"There is something that reverberates through your whole being when another man looks at another man and affirms who they are created to be. Jeff Schulte not only affirmed who I was created to be, but came after my heart in a way few men have and as a result he has set me on a trajectory to be full hearted and fully alive as a follower of Jesus, as a husband to my wife, as a father to my children, and as a Pastor my congregation. Working with Tin Man has set a culture of emotional health and full hearted living that will prayerfully help our church not just survive but flourish over the coming years. I have also found it a necessity to have a cohort of a few other men that I share my whole life with; feelings, needs, desires, longings, hopes, as they relate to my life, my marriage, my family, the church God has called me to lead.  As one of the guys in our cohort said 'we got Schulted'- meaning we got loved to the core of our heart in a way we rarely experience. When we talk every month and gather every 6 months we will be using this foundation and this language to keep us healthy and full hearted."

-Daniel Mason, Lead Pastor, Christ Central Church, Durham NC

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