Everything we do is inspired by our purpose.


At Tin Man, everything we do is inspired by our purpose, right down to the design of our logo and website. As we worked to create an aesthetic that was true to us, we found there were 3 stories to be captured in the design.

The first story to tell is the idea that your journey is a very human journey home. We each have a name and a story, but our journeys are going to be rough and imperfect. We want to embrace progress over perfection, and that is translated visually in our name Tin Man, represented by the subtle T and M. 

The second story is around the goal of journeying together as we experience life on life's terms. We exist to guide and be with you as you navigate this new way of living, and we believe no one can do it alone. This is translated visually in the badge, with our initial inspiration being the theme of unity found in a family crest. 

The third story is in our acknowledgement of God, as the One who created every part of us, beginning with our heart. The heart is where it started, and the heart is where the daily journey leads us as we let go of control and begin to trust. The family crest concept evolved into more of a heart-shaped crest, but it's not a perfect heart. It's rough around the edges but with softness too, much like us.

Tin_Man_logo (2)-2.jpg