Speaking Engagements

We have spoken and taught on six continents in over 30 countries for groups as small as five and as large as 5,000. Whether you are hosting a conference or a small group, we’re available to serve you.  Samples below:


True Discipleship is Relational

Jeff talks about discipleship, mentoring, and the power of transformative relationships; moving beyond trading facts and information about God to intimate relationships with God and others that changes us.

Disciples of the Heart

Jeff speaks at the Downline Summit on the truth about us that allows us to appreciate the truth about God:

"We have bought into the lie that if we can change the way we think, we can change the way we live.  Knowledge is a cognitive reality, it can inform, but it cannot transform.  Truth only transforms when it is trusted and that’s not a mind reality, it’s a heart reality.  Truth only changes us when that truth is a person whose love we begin to trust.”  How do we develop courageous, transparent, vulnerable relationships?   

Jeff's Story

“I thought if I could be successful, life would work.  Life did work on the outside but I was dying on the inside.  I was lonely for myself, lonely for God, lonely for a dad I never had, lonely for my wife and kids, and lonely for friends I was around but didn’t know how to connect to.” - Jeff Schulte